Storing technology

The Company AGREL, as one of the first in Europe uses an ULO Technology for storing vegetables. The whole system and process of vegetable storing is attested and designed by the experts in given area. A standard storing system doesn’t guarantee a maximum vegetable quality so that a consumer gets a non-quality product. Crops develop further after harvesting, until they ripen and then over-ripen.  While storing the goods standard way, any crop loses its own energy which causes the reduction of substances- the flesh of crops. This destroys the quality fast. For that reason, company AGREL uses the ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) Technology to store vegetables so to minimize these undesirable effects. This technology ensures that all the nutrients and quality, in the same amount and condition as when they are harvested, remains in the crops. The vegetable is more solid and it keeps its natural color. The ULO Technology ensures a long-term storage of vegetables.